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Living In The Suburbs Against Living In The City: Pros And Cons

Choosing where to live can be one of the most difficult choices to make. You are to choose between living in the city accommodation or live in suburbs. There are pros and cons in the two choices and you have to weigh the differences to determine the right choices. Here are the pros and cons of living in the city and living in the suburbs.

Pros of living in the city

Most people live in the city because this is the place where they work. Of course, if you live in the city, it is a practical choice to live in the city especially if the place that you will find is close to work. You can just walk to work or the office is only a few rides away. If you love food and considers yourself a social person, then the city is perfect for you. There are many establishments where you can meet a lot of people such as restaurants, bars and party places that you’ll surely enjoy. There are also many attractions in the city. You can libraries, art exhibits, movie houses and museums that you can visit anytime.

Cons of city living

If you are a private person and treasures privacy over interaction with other people, then the city might not be the perfect choice for you. The city is also very noisy caused by passing vehicles, heavy traffic, busy pedestrian and a lot of surrounding factories and shops. The crime rate is also high in the city so you have to make sure that your children are safe in the city. The cost of living in the city is high so you have to make sure that you earn enough for you and your family.

Choosing the Right Mortgage Term – Pros and Cons

Choosing the Right Mortgage Term – Pros and Cons

Pros of living in the suburbs

Aside from the lower cost of living, the real estate properties in the suburbs are usually cheaper compared to that of the city. Crime rate is not that high so you can leave your children to go to school on their own. If you love silence, then the suburbs would be the perfect choice because only a few vehicles pass by residential areas.

Cons of suburb living

If you need anything or if you want to buy something, you have to go to the city to buy it yourself. The reason is that the main industry is in the city and there are only a few stores that operate in the suburbs. If you work in the city, you have to spend money on gasoline or if you travel, you have to pay for public transportation.

Real Estate Property Listing - Online Real Estate

Real Estate Property Listing – Online Real Estate

Living in the city and the suburbs has its own pros and cons. You just have to choose your preference. Just remember to focus on your long term plan rather than on your current situation. If you prefer a quiet life later on, the suburbs would be the perfect choice but if you have no problem dealing with noisy neighbors and the fast-paced life, living in the city would be the perfect choice. The choice would have to be made by you.

The Rise Of Technological Online Education: The Evolution Of The Classroom

Gone are the days when students learn what is needed in their respective schools through the conventional textbooks and lesson plans. In fact, these conservative methods have slowly deteriorated even in public schools where teachers and students find it very practical to use the modern method. Even in the world of education, the lifestyle of every educational establishment has progressed to newer heights bringing along with them the trend that technology has offered to the society.

In our recent times, various schools have already utilized a more technological teaching style and that is through the usage of tablets and other online gadgets. Instead of the usual practice of writing on the students’ notebooks their lesson and assignments, tablet computers have been incorporated in the teaching schemes of various schools. Indeed, this advent has lead to a radical change in how education has been provided to the students. Tablet computers, iPads, and other mobile gadgets and technologies have now been intertwined with the techniques used in teaching making technology even more accessible in all aspects of our lives.

How, should one ask, has the aid of tablet computers paved the way to easier access of technology? Considering the world of internet can be accessed through these devices, education now provides a wider and more updated range of information that a mere textbook or manual can limitedly offer. Although the access of information in the online world might be boundless and thus could provide unsubstantiated and misleading information, various advantages and benefits are still found to render the use of tablets of eminent value to a learning student. Here are but a few:

Ease of Usage

o Tablets and other mobile technologies are more mobile and handy and at the same time provide a computer-knowledge intelligence that will make the work of a student and the teacher less of hassle and worry. Students will no longer need to write lectures on their notebooks as manuals and lessons have been provided to them via the said gadgets. Moreover, its ease of access of various user friendly explanations on their topics will allow students a one-on-one learning experience with the perceptive capability of the devices.

National Education Technology Plan, encouraging the use of computers, the internet, digital devices and learning software in schools

National Education Technology Plan, encouraging the use of computers, the internet, digital devices and learning software in schools

Learning made borderless

The conventional way of learning is usually confined in the four corners of the classroom. However, mobile technology has provided the students and also the teachers a wider range of knowledge that is only at the tip of one’s fingertips. No longer should one consider that learning can only be accessed in classrooms or in schools. Teachers and students can do learning experience in a more innovative way and could even be able to make research through these mediums.

Learning made fun

Children of all ages can access learning whenever they want to. Interactive activities have made learning in a more enjoyable dimension which will be easily absorbed by children who are playful in nature. On the other hand, teachers no lo longer have trouble trying to instil in their students the willingness to learn as methods employed in mobile technologies are more engaging to the minds of the children. Moreover, it also creates an atmosphere of anticipation and stimulation as students are more eager to use the gadgets.

 The most popular educational sites online

The most popular educational sites online

Learning made limitless

The Web has already invaded the untapped opportunity in the world of education thus allowing its increased usage and access for academic purposes. Unlike lesson plans and textbooks in which subjects are only limited based on what was provided therein, the internet can provide vast amounts of knowledge without limits. Now, through the aid of tablets and other mobile applications, this will be also more accessible to various schools.

Indeed, tablets and other mobile technologies provide a fresher and more convenient alternative to engage a fun learning experience. In fact, there are numerous resources provided online that will cater to every academic need of the school. Truly, it has changed the face of education.

Getting Her Digits Instead Of The Cold Shoulder

Do you find it’s nearly impossible to get a girls phone number? Are you having trouble even getting up the nerve or are you constantly getting brushed off? Regardless of the answer, there are some sure fire ways to get that fox, or the whole fox den, into wanting to give you their digits. The methods are simple and when I inform you of the reasons behind them, you’ll be asking yourself again and again why you haven’t done this before.

Confidence is the Key

Rule numero uno will always be to show confidence without being cocky. Sure, it helps if you’re dressed well and smell nice, but confidence shows no matter what you look like. If you’ve been locking eyes with that girl, there’s a very good chance that you have her interest. See that she’s with a gaggle of hens? Don’t worry; they can be your cheering squad if you show that confidence. Walk up to her and tell her you just can’t stop looking at her and would love to have a chance to get to know her better. No cheesy pickup lines, please. Just be confident and ask for her number. If she’s unsure, tell her you will give her a chance to think about it and walk away. Her girlfriends will be clucking away telling her to take a chance and go for it. Trust me.

Topics To Talk to a Girl About

Topics To Talk to a Girl About

Fake it until you make it

So are you slightly short of the confidence that you really need to pull off a straightforward approach? There’s nothing worse than someone hemming and hawing and stammering. Okay, well some girls might find those nerves and that shyness quirky and adorable. Most women will be completely turned off by it. Instead, try this. Go with the bar with a good friend who is a girl. Make sure she knows this or just go as a 3rd wheel with her and her guy. Ask her to dance when your interest is out there. Rub up against her back to back and bump into her ‘accidentally on purpose’. Apologize and offer to buy her a drink. When the drink comes, sit down and drink it with her and then tell her that her laugh is infectious, or her smile is amazing. Do whatever but compliment her without being cheesy and then ask if you can get her number.

Women apologize more than men

Women apologize more than men

The nerves have it

If you have zero capability of completing the above methods, go with whatever gusto you have. Whatever you do, don’t send in your friend, male or female. Most girls are completely turned off by your lack of ability to approach them yourself. If you must go with a cheesy line, make it as completely cheese-tastic as possible. Compliment her on the color of her glasses or something not so traditional. If the girl is as quirky as you are, these things have a very good chance at snagging her interest.

Getting a girls phone number isn’t really that difficult. If you must, write yours down on a matchbook cover and pass it to her. That might just be old school enough to do the trick. Hey, it’s worked for me before. Try to be yourself and don’t get caught up on the things you can’t change at the moment. So you’re not built like Channing Tatum or tall like Vince Vaughn? Get over it and go for what you want.

5 Natural Supplements For Active People

Your body uses a lot of energy when you are active. Spending so much time in the gym and having an active lifestyle can take its toll on you. Before you reach that stage, you should know how to provide your body with the supplements that it needs to perform at optimal levels.

There are a lot of supplements around. Some of them are synthetic while others are natural. Perhaps you are only familiar with synthetic supplements especially that they are advertised really well by their manufacturers. Although it is all right to take these supplements, you should also consider going for natural supplements. Here are 5 natural supplements that are perfect for active individuals.


The supplement comes from the roots of the plant. The use of the roots of the ginseng plant dates back to ancient times.

Ginseng can calm you nerves. It is called by experts as an adaptogen, which means that it can help your body’s stress resistance. There are experts that say that if a person only has to use one supplement, it would be ginseng.

Gingko Biloba

The supplement is made from the leaves of gingko trees. Gingko Biloba helps improve circulation. Better blood flow is good for the entire body and most especially the brain. It improves your short-term memory.

Young woman exercising in a park

Young woman exercising in a park

Grape Seed Extract

As the name suggests, it is an extract from grape seeds. The supplement has properties that fight free radicals. In other words, the supplement deals with toxins in the body. It helps counteract the damage that these toxins bring. This supplement is very important if you are active because it keeps you healthy and helps you stay away from illnesses.

St. John’s Wort

The plant was first used in ancient Greece. Nowadays, you can purchase it in teas, capsules, and even its liquid extract.

The supplement is known to treat mild to moderate depression. It may also help in wound healing. As an active person, you may need this supplement when you develop wounds. Although you don’t have to take it on a regular basis, it will surely come handy at some point.

Active resolutions: How to go from sore to more

Active resolutions: How to go from sore to more


It is a kind of algae that has chlorophyll, protein, vitamins, and minerals. You can think of it as a replacement to five servings of veggies and fruits. If you don’t have the time or you simply don’t like eating too many vegetables and fruits, you’ll need this supplement. Remember that being active means your body uses a lot of energy. Make sure that it is refuelled by supplying it with the vitamins and minerals that it requires.

You don’t have to take all these supplements at one. Your choice should depend on your needs and your situation. By taking the right supplements, your body will always have the energy to live the life that you want.

5 Signs To Quit Your Job

Leaving your current job will be a risky decision if you are not weighing the pros and cons and blindly searching for greener pastures. When you leave your job, it should be properly planned and a strategic decision. There must be enough compelling reasons for you to leave your present job. If some of the issues are only for a brief period then you may ignore them but if it continues for months, it is time to quit. If there is no change in the situation even after trying your best then it is a clear signal that you must quit your job.

1) Underutilized skills

Management may not acknowledge that you have more to offer than what you have been contributing for so long. Maybe someone was preferred over your for promotion or all your efforts to take up more challenging roles have been thwarted. There are usual signs that your skills are being underutilized and you must look elsewhere for a better opportunity.

2) Not following your passion

You must do what you in order to tap your true potential. Each working will seem like a grind if you do not follow your passion and just do a ‘job’. If you have tried to take up a position which is more attuned to your skills but have been denied to do so then it is a sign that you must leave the present organization to go back to the roots.

3) Bad behavior by boss

You must try everything under you’re the sun to control any bad behavior by your boss. You can talk to him/her directly and the Human Resources department to settle the matter amicably. If it is still unbearable then quit your present job. But before joining new companies get adequate information about your prospective employer and the culture of the company.

Signs You Need to Quit Your Job

Signs You Need to Quit Your Job

4) Not enough compensation

Many companies have resorted to downsizing for which employees have to give in extra hours. But it has not resulted in higher compensation. The company is probably doing well but your paycheck cuts a sorry figure. Even excellent feedbacks have not resulted in better pay structure for you. So it is time to think about money and leave the present job in search of higher pay.

5) You are not being heard

Nothing is more humiliating than this. You are not getting acknowledgment for your great work and projects have virtually dried up for you. This may be due to a change in the management or probably you are a victim of the much maligned office politics. So instead of being continuously ignored you can take the bold decision of quitting the job.

More  signs its time to quit your job

More signs its time to quit your job

Leaving a company on bad terms is never expected of a responsible employee. So if you have decided to quit your company then do it in a refined manner. Speak to your boss and have a face-to-face interaction with him/her. Then follow up with an official letter of resignation to the Human Resources department. The boss should always know from you that you are quitting; the news should not come from a third party. Lastly a 2 weeks’ notice is the standard practice in the corporate world and you must follow that for a graceful exit.